About this site

The reason I created this website was because I wanted to take a positive turn after the bullying ended for me. Everyone in my family thought it was a good idea to create the website to tell people what I went through as well about what I learned in ways of coping with the aftermath of what had happened.

With the help of my family we got together and started thinking back to some of the hardest times in my life. Along the way I started to learn that bullies were people just like me and you. They were just dealing with some hard times in their own personal life.

The key lessons I learned from this is that happy people are not the bully kind. It is unhappy people who have the most potential to hurt someone’s feelings. Plus if this issue is getting worse for you, I would go get a school councillor or principal and then use the school’s phone to talk to your parents and inform them what these rude guys or girls are doing to you. After that they will take things to the next step: ending the bullying. But it is not as fast as your might imagine. Stopping these kinds of problems can take some time.

In the end I learned it is up to the person who is hurting you to stop. You cannot control when a person will stop bullying. Ignoring the bullying sometimes works — if the bully doesn’t get a reaction from you, they are likely to lose interest. If that doesn’t work, you can tell the bully that their behaviour isn’t acceptable, and that if they don’t stop, you will inform your parents and teachers of what they are up to. It is possible this approach could give him or her a wake up call.  

Don’t give up!  Almost everyone has been bullied at some point. Rely on your friends, parents and teachers to help make sure the bullying stops. 

Your actions affect your future. If you are being bullied you can take steps to make it stop. Just be patient, and enlist the help of people who care for you.  Most importantly, remember that bullying is a temporary problem. It won’t last forever. There is light at the end of the tunnel!

In addition to the website I have also created a YouTube channel that features videos about everything I went through when it came to bullies. Including up-beat happy life experience videos that describe the happy parts that happened throughout my life.

My name is Mr. Blue and I am here for you. You can visit me at my YouTube channel.



April 20, 1999 the day of the Columbine High School attack. When 2 boys busted into the school armed with 2 shot guns, a rifle and high capacity pistol, and various pipe bombs. They killed 13 people including a teacher. To this day schools and the world shakes with sadness from the attack. The large question …


Now that is when bullies attack online. Yes I know that some of us have gone through it before. I didn’t have any experience with it until I commented something on YouTube and some guy was just being rude. So what did I do? I just deleted my comment and then the stranger’s comment was erased …

My personal bullying experiences on video

Lately, for the past six months, I have been posting videos on YouTube about my personal bullying experiences, as well as life experiences. Some of the videos that I posted are a perfect fit for the website and I hope that it can reach out to various other victims of bullying worldwide.  

Mr. Blue is Here for You

That is my YouTube channel. I am currently running a channel to talk about my experience with bullying as well about what I have learned and what I have done since the bullying ended.

The bullying may have ended but the memories are still with me.

You can watch all my videos on YouTube. Some of the videos are about my other interests, including movies and acting.